Full-screen recommended.

Submission to #BulletHellJam2021. Avoid projectiles as you play through a 10-second loop of upgrading your opponent and racking up points!

Art: Fartfish (https://fartfish.itch.io/)

Music: TheLine (https://soundcloud.com/liningend-729)

Programming: Pastramicity (https://pastramicity.itch.io/)


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I found the safe zone on full upgrade. In the lower right corner.

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately not going to be updating the project in the near future as this was for a jam, but we appreciate you playing the game!

The game should pause for upgrades. Stopping to look at them and then moving to click them gets me hit every single time

Or you could make them pop up near the character sprite at half transparency with keybinds so the game wouldn't have to pause. Idk if this game is even still being worked on but I think it would be worth it


Unfortunately not working on the game anymore, just a week long project for the bullet hell jam. Thanks for the suggestion though!

note: dont use bouncing


Could you please add keybinds to the upgrades? I keep dying because I can't dodge the bullets while upgrading.


The upgrades are not labelled and the icons don't help me.

Fixed! Thanks for the feedback